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Best Real Estate Lead Generation Websites (2023)

best real estate websites of 2023

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When it comes to real estate lead generation websites, there are more and more options always coming to the market. For most real estate professionals, they’re drawn to choices that look pretty and flashy. In our opinion, this is the wrong move.

The best real estate websites should give you more opportunities to get leads. Anything else it gives you is an added bonus. The companies below are, in our opinion, the best real estate lead generation websites for agents, teams, and brokerages alike.

What Makes a Great Lead Generation Website?

Since we are lead generation company, we are, admittedly, a bit biased. The most important thing to us isn’t which real estate websites have the best aesthetics.

We recommend sites that convert leads the best and give you tools to follow up and turn those leads into closed sales.

As a real estate professional, you first want to have a real estate website that has landing pages that are designed to convert website visitors into leads. Then, you want to have the systems and features to be able to nurture those leads until they are ready to buy or sell a home.

We frequently recommend the lead generation websites below to clients because they have a tried-and-true ability to maximize lead flow and make it super simple to stay in touch with those leads.

Without further ado, here are the best real estate lead generation websites so far for 2023.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a growing real estate platform that has been around since 2008 and offers a wide range of features, including lead capture & landing pages, lead-tracking CRM, marketing packages, and great customer service. It is most popular with individual agents and small teams, but can be a great tool for large real estate teams and brokerages as well.

real geeks lead generation website
Lead Cycle from Real Geek’s website.

Real Geeks catches a lot of flack because of its limited design capabilities, but they are among the best real estate lead generation websites when it comes to lead capture. When someone signs up on a Real Geeks website, they are automatically assigned a saved search that gives them daily updates with new listings.

– Excellent lead capture capability
– Simple, intuitive interface
– Great customer support
– Robust CRM with lead tracking
– Website design not as customizable
– Limited mobile app

Real Geeks Pricing

  • Starting at $299 per month.
  • Additional monthly charges for adding additional users.
  • PPC & social media marketing packages are available.

Bottom Line: Real Geeks

When it comes to generating great real estate leads, too many agents and teams focus on the aesthetics of their website and not enough on converting visitors into potential clients. Real Geeks offers a host of great features at a decent price point, and when you’re running Google Ads for real estate leads, this is one of the best options out there.

You can try out their marketing services, employ us to set up and manage them for you, or try to drive the traffic on your own.

Website: https://www.realgeeks.com/


Chime is another popular real estate lead generation website that offers a wide range of features but comes with a higher price tag. It is designed for teams of all sizes, and it is mostly plug-and-play so you can quickly set up your website and start generating traffic.

Infographic of how Chime improves a client’s business. (Source: Chime)

Keep in mind, Chime currently has agreements with some brokerages (LPT and EXP, for example) that allow agents to have discounted or free use of the software.

– Wide range of features
– Multiple designs and templates so websites look unique
– Robust CRM to interact with leads
– Expensive and need to pay for high-tier products

Chime Pricing

  • $599 per month
  • CRM dialer and lead generation packages available.

Bottom Line: Chime

Chime provides one of the top real estate lead generation websites on the market right now, and they’re been eating up market share. That said, they come with a much higher price point than most alternatives. Similar to Real Geeks, Chime is constantly improving and adding new products and services to give more to their clients.

Website: https://www.chime.com/

Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive is a real estate website design and marketing company that offers a variety of services, including website design, lead generation, and marketing. Sierra puts more emphasis on SEO and is more popular for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages looking for a more opulent design.

– Luxurious website design
– SEO optimized pages
– Great price for features offered
– Limit on website pages

Sierra Interactive Pricing

  • $500 per month
  • Includes 5 users
  • Packages available for Google Ads & social marketing

Bottom Line: Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive is the best option for those in a niche where it is necessary to stand out. The website design is amazing, and it is easy to customize to make sure your brand is set apart from others. While they are SEO friendly, the base plan limits how many pages you can have, which could be a problem for those looking to build out for organic traffic.

Villa is a popular user of Sierra Interactive Websites.

Website: https://www.sierrainteractive.com/


Placester is a real estate marketing website that offers a variety of services, including lead generation, marketing, and reporting. While you can create a great website yourself, Placester will set up and manage your lead generation website for you.

– Affordable (NAR member discounts)
– Management includes social posts
– Great value for individual agents
– CRM is not ideal for teams and brokerages
– Limited website templates

Placester Pricing

  • $79-$319 per month (NAR member discount applied)

Bottom Line: Placester

Placester has been a long-standing name in the real estate website category. They come in with very attractive pricing, although add-ons can become very expensive, especially if you want them to build and manage the site for you in the DIFY (Do It For You) model. That said, Placester is constantly improving and provides an unbeatable price point for the value users are getting.

Website: https://www.placester.com/

Final Thoughts

While there are tons of real estate lead generation websites out there, we focus on those that are going to take traffic and give you the best odds at turning them into leads.

You can spend thousands of dollars on a gorgeous website, but at the end of the day you want to make sure you’re getting an ROI on that investment.

Especially if you’re using PPC to drive traffic to your real estate website, you want to be sure that you’re capturing potential client information and giving yourself the best shot at turning that lead into a future sale. These websites, in our opinion, are doing the best job of that at the moment.

Have any thoughts or questions about some of these real estate lead generation website? Get in touch with us and see how we can help you set up your own lead systems.

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